Girl with red cape

Courage To Be Me

A Group for Girls Ages 7-11

It is vital for young girls to realize their own power at as young an age as possible. In this twelve-week cycle group, girls will have the opportunity to begin building a foundation of emotional intelligence that will serve them for many years to come!                                Learn more 


Heartskills 101

A Group for Adolescent Girls

Heartskills 101 is an interactive and experiential group focused on skillful living tools such as emotional self-care, self-inquiry and self-management. Participants will engage in exercises on the themes of self-criticism, judgement of self and others compassion and loving-kindness.    Learn more


Charkas in the body

Coming to Center Workshop

Balance & Awaken Your Chakras!

Learn how to access the wisdom of the chakras as a vital part of the body's energy system. This workshop is a group experience where you will have the opportunity to explore and effectively work with obstacles that block optimal emotional, psychological and spiritual health.                                                                        Learn more

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