Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

The main objective in psychodynamic psychotherapy is to raise awareness of the unconscious process in order to alleviate symptoms. It focuses on exploring relationships, early life events as well as family of origin dynamics. This process leads to a deeper self-understanding, creates an opportunity to change thoughts, feelings and behaviors and therefore, one's experience of the world.

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Mindfulness has been shown to not only decrease stress and create a sense of calm and well-being, but can help when combined with other therapeutic approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The ability to notice our own process enables us to make a choice to override and break free from our conditioned reactions that don’t serve us and move towards a more neutral response.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is effective in the treatment of depression and anxiety, but can work for anyone who's interested in creating healthier habits and shifting toward a positive perspective and flexible mindset.

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Tapping is a deceptively simple, yet powerful tool used to reduce stress and anxiety, restore balance to the system and treat trauma (see the scientific studies here). Known as "acupuncture for the emotions" (no needles!)  tapping has shown to be effective when used with talk therapy and can aid in the release of limiting beliefs that create barriers to optimal emotional and psychological health.

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Interpersonal Psychotherapy

Interpersonal psychotherapy focuses on improving how one communicates and relates to others. This is accomplished by recognizing how current relationships are effected by unresolved problems in past relationships. By learning to identify and express related emotions and thoughts one can then develop new and healthy ways of perceiving and interacting with others.

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